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The internals are a bit besides the point here, however. The dial showcases the work of Tom Christopher, depicting a colorful New York skyline circling the dial, with the skyscrapers pointing inward, where you’ll find a group of skaters situated throughout the inner portion of the dial. The patchwork depiction of the city features a myriad of color blocks which, from a distance, form a lovely tapestry of shape and color not readily identifiable. The name of the watch, ‘Skaters In The Sky’ is the biggest tell here in terms of framing the artwork within the context of a readily identifiable subject matter, removing it from the abstract at a distance altogether. 

The Tom Christopher Megapod will be far more accessible than the KAWS or Koons variants, with 200 total planned for production (50 in the first batch) at a price of $1,700. Ikepod.