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Tudor is using their own MT5601 caliber here, which brings COSC certified accuracy and 70 hours of reserve to the Bronze. It also packs a silicone balance spring for a level of anti-magnetism. This movement has some years under its belt at this point and reliability hasn’t been an issue as of yet. It’s use helps justify the $4,150 price tag which, coupled with the trick case, feels reasonable here from a brand like Tudor. 

The Bronze Blue is offered on a blue woven jacquard strap with a beige stripe down its center. It does not thread freely between the case and spring bars, rather, the strap is fitted with slots for the spring bars. This keeps things secure, but it means you won’t be swapping out straps as easily as you may like. Still, the lugs are drilled so it’s not too big an issue. 

The Tudor Black Bay Bronze Blue is available now exclusively from Tourneau boutiques and from their webshop right here.