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Handling each of these watches individually will conjure a dearth of adjectives from the watch reviewers repertoire. Words like “wearable”, “legible”, “sublime”, heck even “perfect” have all been used to describe these three. And rightfully so, they are great watches to be sure. However, handling them together, as a group, renders some new feelings, and places them in a context outside of the talking points you’d find in their reviews (which, for the record, you can read right here: Sinn U50, Tudor BB 58 Blue, Seiko SPB149).

Same, But Different

Broadly speaking, these are capable dive watches that represent the breadth of diversity in the genre. They feature automatic movements, rotating bezels, at least 200m depth ratings, and effective splashes of color. Each are 40mm in diameter and 47mm lug to lug, give or take depending on which. Bracelets are available for all three (though only one ever gets worn on it), and while they are all steel, they are unique in tone and texture.

The Sinn U50 stands apart from the others for its modern, brutal take on a dive watch, representing the German stylings of the brand in their most easily digestible form. It’s also the only one that doesn’t get an in-house movement. What it does offer is that unique Sinn aesthetic alongside their proprietary hardened steel (though just the bezel, in this case) and at just 11mm thick, it’s the thinnest of the bunch while offering the greatest depth resistance at 500 meters.