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The Doctor’s Watch is 42mm in diameter and 9.8mm thick, and as with all Archimede watches features a case made by Ickler, the storied German casemaking firm, of which Archimede is a subsidiary. The finish has a tasteful mix of brushed and polished surfaces, and while I haven’t had a chance to handle this particular watch, if it’s machined to the level that Ickler is known for, it’s fair to say that it surely is of a very high quality. The Doctor’s Watch is powered by a Miyota 9015 automatic movement, and has 5 ATM of water resistance, a sapphire crystal, and a 51mm lug to lug measurement. It’s available on a leather strap or mesh bracelet, and starts at approximately $736 after currency conversion. 

So, even if you don’t need a watch like this as a frequent taker of pulses, it has a certain aesthetic appeal and old-school charm that might interest fans of vintage watches, or the more curious, customized realm of niche watches. It’s also a great example of a less common “non-mechanical complication” that rarely gets its due, and if prior experience with Ickler cased watches is any indication, it should be built to last and capable of standing up your everyday grind, whether that’s in the medical field, or elsewhere. Archimede