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The Morgan

Providing the most traditional take on a Pilot watch we have the Morgan, with a black dial and minute markings taking priority over the hour track. Each 5 minute segment is marked with Arabic numerals with the hours appearing on the inner ring. A radial texture is used on the outer portion of the dial, providing a subtle differentiation from the inner dial. The broadsword hands are white with a bright blue outline, while the seconds hand gets the Farer “A” in red. The bits of color provide some drama to the otherwise classic dial. Super Lumi-Nova is used at the minute markings and within the hands, again providing more than enough night time visibility. 

The Cayley

Finally, we have the Cayley. This watch brings oversized Arabic and Roman numerals together in a California dial configuration set against a rich midnight blue dial. The dial is split into quadrants via subtle crosshairs. Like the other models, the Cayley is labeled with the Farer universal branding at 12 o’clock, and a single line reading ‘automatic’ at 6 o’clock. Unlike the others, there is no inner ring present, so the placement of the ‘automatic’ in particular feels very high. The gulf of negative space underneath may be troublesome, but as we saw with the date placement on the Crooms Bezel, it brings some personality to the watch that will likely cause a ‘love it or hate it’ type reaction.