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It’s hard to say without having the watch in hand, but it seems like legibility should be fairly straightforward and clear after a period of adjustment. The largest circle, extending all the way to the outer edge of the dial, is a running seconds indicator, with the mid sized circle counting off minutes and the smallest providing the hours. I would imagine that in motion the sweep of that large circular seconds indicator holds a lot of visual interest. If you’re used to a traditional second hand (as I’m sure we all are) it’s certainly going to be a very different experience to check the time, at the very least. 

The Union Collection actually consists of two smaller mini collections. The Rive Gauche line has a flat dial in blue, black, and two shades of white. The Rive Droit line has a vintage style curved dial in blue, green, or red. The watches measure 39mm in diameter and use the Miyota 9015 automatic movement. Prices range from 740 to 790 Euros.

More information at Beaubleu’s website right here.