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This new Carrera is toned down a fair bit from the Sport Chronograph linked above, which was introduced in July. That model has a ceramic tachymeter bezel that recalls other modern, tech forward chronographs made by TAG’s chief competitors, but the watch announced this week is characterized by the lack of a tachymeter scale, and a polished, static bezel. It’s also two millimeters smaller than the Sport, coming in at 42mm in diameter, a versatile modern size that puts it in Moonwatch territory, and steers it away from the oversized look that the Sport embraces. With 100 meters of water resistance, it’s also perfectly capable of dealing with the day to day rigors of life, unless perhaps you spend an inordinate amount of time submerged at great depth, clean fish tanks for hours on end, or actually require a tachymeter scale as part of your occupation.

The layout is true to classic Carreras of the past, with sub dials at 3, 6, and 9. A date sits at 6:00, but like other Carreras introduced this year with TAG’s Calibre Heuer 02 movement, it’s fairly discrete and well balanced. A detail that I particularly like on this watch is that the running seconds indicator at 6:00 isn’t exactly a sub dial at all, but a set of hash marks where the quarter minute indicators should be. The end result is that the dial reads, at a glance, like a two register chronograph, while maintaining the functionality of a running seconds indicator. It also accentuates dial symmetry and brings the watch into the realm of modern design in a way that a traditional sub dial wouldn’t. It’s a small thing, but has a large impact here.