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The Series 6 will ship running Apple’s OS7, which brings the new face designs and health features, alongside features like a better always on display, fall detection, and the suite of fitness tracking capabilities you know and love (or hate). They are packaging fitness features into a new subscription service called Fitness + for a small monthly fee if you fall on the love side of those features. 

Apple also introduced new straps for their watches, including the solo loop available in 7 colors, which is a stretchable silicone loop that you slip onto your wrist like a bracelet. These will be available in a wide range of sizes to fit all manner of wrists, and will even be offered in braided silicone available in 5 colors. 

Overall, this is not a groundbreaking hardware update, but a jump in feature sets and a powerful new CPU make this the most powerful Apple Watch to date. If you need the extra horsepower but like the feature set, they also introduced the Apple Watch SE, which uses the S5 chip and starts at $279. Pricing for the Series 6 starts at $399 for aluminum cases, and rises to $699 for a steel case. Cellular services, case finishes, and strap selections may cost extra. The Series 6 and SE watches are available to order now, with deliveries beginning later this week.