Hands-On With The Zenith Defy 21 Land Rover Edition

Hands-On With The Zenith Defy 21 Land Rover Edition

The exhibition caseback provides a glimpse of the dual escapements, which is an impressive sight with the chronograph engaged. The nearer escapement is moving fast enough to look stationary to my eye, like Dash setting a pin on his teacher’s chair, your brain barely registers the movement at all. Sadly, much of the movement is obscured by the oscillating weight, which features 5 wide spokes that mimic the design of the wheel you’d see on the new Defender. It’s cool, but not nearly as cool as what’s happening underneath. It’s also here, on one of those spokes, that you’ll find one of just two pieces of “Land Rover” branding, the other also being on the caseback. This is a welcome restraint, as the dial would have lost all balance with such a logo applied. 

The exhibition caseback of the Defy 21 LR

In total, the Defy 21 is a deeply impressive watch to behold. And with a price tag of $13,600 and just 250 examples being made, it had better be. This isn’t a watch for everyone, but taken for what it is, this is a feat of watchmaking worthy of appreciation, or at least of a little nerding out over. If you prefer the more overt executions of the Defy 21, you can save a few bucks and get much of the same experience without the minimal dress up of the Land Rover edition. Learn more about this watch from Zenith.

Promotion: Calypso Denise Date — A New Flagship in E.C. Andersson’s Popular Tool Watch Collection

Promotion: Calypso Denise Date — A New Flagship in E.C. Andersson’s Popular Tool Watch Collection

The Calypso Denise, named after Jacques Cousteau’s famous submarine, has been the most popular collection in recent years from Scandinavia’s E.C.Andersson Watch Co. The model has been released in different versions, all of them leading up to the new Denise Date, a beautiful, all-inclusive tool watch. The company is releasing the watch with a 25 percent discount if ordered early, with the price slightly increasing by every 10 pieces sold until it reaches the listing price, which means being early is beneficial.

Even though the new Calypso Denise Date is more functionally complex than its predecessors in the collection, its appearance is more harmonious. Designed to be soothing to the eyes yet pack maximum utility: it features a “big-eye” calendar display, power-reserve indicator, timing bezel, compass feature, 200 meter water resistance, and a precision-certified automatic movement, but it’s unlikely you’d recognize all that by giving it a quick look.

The hands displaying hours and minutes are skeletonized, creating an airy and calm environment inside the watch’s face. In order to maximize legibility, however, the hands have been bead-blasted, resulting in a surface that catches light from all angles. The lume inside the tips is generously applied to ensure visibility well into the night — lasting five times longer, in fact, than that of previous Denise models.

Most importantly, E.C.Andersson Watch Co. has incorporated a calendar function for the first time in a Denise watch, which serves as a centerpiece of the dial. The calendar eye is slightly submerged to create a feeling of depth and the matte surface inside perfectly contrasts with the otherwise lacquered dial. The power-reserve indicator is seamlessly positioned to the center stem and is subtly read on the outskirts of the calendar. In order to not be mistaken for the hour hand, its pointer has been colored red, with a polished frame.

The bezel, which is made of ceramic and luminous-coated, offers timing capabilities as well as a handy compass function that blends perfectly with the overall design when you’re not using it. Another big difference from previous models is the new micro-adjustable diving clasp that comes fitted to either a bead-blasted steel bracelet or a rubber strap. E.C.Andersson Watch Co. promises the same warranty on its new clasp (3 years), as on the watch itself.

The Calypso Denise Date is in all regards a meticulously designed watch, meant to deal with any hardship a varied lifestyle may throw at it, and the perfect flagship to complete the collection. It starts at $690 which is 25 percent off the final price. Order quickly, though, as the price increases per every 10th order. Visit: ecandersson.com

Enter to Win an EDC Giveaway with Topo Designs, Cantonment, Quaker Marine Supply, One Eleven, and the Windup Watch Shop!

Enter to Win an EDC Giveaway with Topo Designs, Cantonment, Quaker Marine Supply, One Eleven, and the Windup Watch Shop!

Enter to Win an EDC Giveaway with Topo Designs, Cantonment, Quaker Marine Supply, One Eleven, and the Windup Watch Shop!

Words by Windup Watch Shop

We’ve teamed up with some awesome brands to giveaway a killer prize package of EDC gearWhether you’re downtown, outside, or, say, house-bound during a pandemic, we all know that when you’re looking up to the task… you just feel better. That’s why we’ve gathered some of our favorite everyday carry brands and put together a prize package as good-looking and adventure-ready as you are.

One lucky winner gets a highly-curated selection of gear from Cantonment, Topo Designs, One Eleven, Quaker Marine Supply, and us, the Windup Watch Shop, with a combined prize value of $965.

Here’s a list of all the great kit we’re giving away:

  • ~ Cantonment – 3 Kerchief sets – a $120 value
  • ~ Topo Designs – Rover Pack Leather + $250 gift card – a $409 value
  • ~ Windup Watch Shop – Paprika ADPT Strap, Two-Watch Fold, Strap-Changing Multi-Tool – a $161 value
  • ~ One Eleven – Solar-Powered Field Watch – a $125 value
  • ~ Quaker Marine Supply – $150 Gift Card – a $150 value

One winner will be selected, and they must be a US resident. Topo Designs will be selecting and contacting the winner on 9/1/2020.

To enter the giveaway, head over to this giveaway page.

Good luck!!

WatchTime Live: An Hour up Close with Three of the World’s Leading Indies

WatchTime Live: An Hour up Close with Three of the World’s Leading Indies

Last week, WatchTime launched its first virtual event: “An Hour up Close with Three of the World’s Leading Indies” moderated by our longtime event partner and close friend Jeff Kingston. The virtual event included brand presentations, industry panel discussions, and a live Q&A with watchmaker Kari Voutilainen, founder of the Geneva-based MB&F brand Maximilian Büsser, and WOSTEP-trained watchmaker and founder of RGM Watch CompanyRoland G. Murphy

After three presentations — on movement development, the re-introduction of traditional American designs, and the tribulations of being an independent watchmaker — the discussion began, in which attendees from across the globe were able to ask a series of questions, on topics ranging from how to make it as an independent watchmaker to where each panelist’s love of horology began. If you were unable to attend the live webcast, the full video discussion is below.

[embedded content]
What makes an heirloom watch?

What makes an heirloom watch?

My own father always wore a watch. His choice was something functional and nothing more, no more money invested than absolutely necessary, and when it broke another one would replace it. A succession of white dials, Arabic numerals, quartz movements and day-date complications from department store brand such as Lorus, Accurist and Sekonda. Not a single one meant more to him than telling the time, and none became an heirloom. What I do have to remember my father is a garage full of tools – practical, and displaying the kind of hands-on approach that defined him.

Then one day my daughter found his old Ingersoll pocket watch. I had never attached too much sentimentality to it. As pocket watches go, it’s a no frills tool that he probably carried as a young man. I had never seen him use it, and I suspect he also had a string of mechanical wristwatches that preceded the quartz ones I remember. None were particularly remarkable in themselves, or special to him. But he did keep this one, even if he never intended to pass it down.

My daughter asks “How old is it?”, “Does it need batteries?”, and “How do the hands move?” and with the watch now ticking away, places it beside her while she plays Mario Kart.

The journey starts here.