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You begrudgingly place it back in its packaging, note that despite some wear, it’s still in great condition. Cleverly, you kept everything that was on the watch originally, even the little hangtag on the strap. There. It’s like new. The packaging is closed, surrounded in bubble wrap and placed back in a box, ready for transport. You post it to some forums, tell some friends and it takes a little longer than you’d like, but you find a buyer. You lose a little money, but accept that it was worth it for the experience. You place a label on the box, bring it to your local shipping station, and say goodbye.

don’t worry, it will be alright

As you leave you can’t help but feel like you’ll miss that watch, just a little bit. Like a dog you befriended on a beach that eventually ran off to its owner, it left some impression on you. You head home. On your wrist is a watch you’ve had for years. Your go-to when all else fails. Like an old friend, it’s pleased to see you as well. You think, perhaps, you don’t need a new watch after all – not knowing what press releases wait just a sunrise away.