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This week on Watches, Stories, and Gear, we’re doing something a little different. Today is July 4, Independence Day in the United States, so we thought this would be a great opportunity to bring you a selection of posts from the Worn & Wound archives that deal with American watchmaking in one form or another. We have a little of everything today: a feature story on a historic American pocketwatch, a podcast on the state of American watchmaking, and an in depth review of one our favorite watches, made largely right here in America. We hope you enjoy, and that you have a safe and happy Independence Day. 

This installment of “Watches, Stories, and Gear” is brought to you by the Windup Watch Shop.

The Howard, Davis, & Dennison #3: Inside the Sale of the Most Valuable American Pocket Watch

A little over a year ago, Zach Kazan was able to dig deep into the Howard, Davis, & Dennison #3 pocket watch, one of the most important watches in the history of American watchmaking. This story is not only about the watch itself, but about the excitement of the live auction where it sold for an historic amount last year.

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