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If water is more your speed than air, the new Superman 63 might be the more appealing of these new Yema releases. Based on the Superman line of divers, this new variant includes the locking bezel that watch lovers have come to closely associate with the brand’s dive watches, but with dial elements that have been altered to pay tribute to the very first Superman, made in – you guessed it – 1963. The very obvious and notable change here is the use of highly stylized Arabic numerals at 6:00, 9:00, and 12:00. The playful typeface reminds me of the original Oris Divers 65, another popular vintage throwback diver. Now Yema has put their own unique twist on the concept of a fun diver that recalls the early days of recreational diving.

The two watches are comparable specced. The Flygrafs use Yema’s MBP1000 movement, while the Superman is powered by a Sellita SW200, and the diver, like the pilot’s watch, is water resistant to 300 meters. Unlike the pilot’s watch, however, the Superman 63 is available in two case sizes: 41 and 39mm. These new watches are scheduled to be released on July 6, with the Flygraf Pilot retailing for $690, and the Superman 63 starting at $1049. Yema